Cleaners and Descalers

Pan American Lubricants products also include industrial strength chemicals for cleaning, maintenance and sanitation.  Our cleaner/degreaser is excellent for general cleaning or removing fats and grease from surfaces or even cleaning carbon deposits from chains or parts.  We offer varnish removers and lubrication system cleaners for removing and preventing varnish deposits in compressors or gearboxes, flushing oils for removing loosened/dissolved deposits before refilling with new lubricants, as well as products for removing lime scale and concrete.   

Pan American Lubricants are intended for Industrial Use Only and are not intended to be sold or re-sold to consumers.

Cleaners and Descalers
Name Description Product Data Safety Data
EVER-GREEN CLEAN  This fast acting cleaner and degreaser, combines green emulsion surfactants and builders to handle tough cleaning.  It has proven to be an effective replacement for many of the many of the widely used chemistry in cleaners that are harmful to the environment.  Ever-Green Clean is a powerful degreaser and is proven safe and effective.  PRODUCT DATA SHEET ICON SAFETY DATA SHEET ICON
BIO-SCALE pH-Neutral Descaler for closed loop heat transfer systems and those containing aluminum.  Bio-Scale does not contain acid and is non-corrosive to stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, iron, lead aluminum and PVC plastic.  Bio-Scale is biodegradable and can be disposed of in municipal water handling operations. PRODUCT DATA SHEET ICON SAFETY DATA SHEET ICON
H2O-SCALE Water-based Non-Corrosive, Non-Flammable and once depleted, Non-Hazardous  solvent for removing encrusted lime scale, rust and corrosion.  H2O-SCALE has a pleasant citrus fragrance.  The product is yellow when new and can be re-used until the color changes to a bluish-purple when it is depleted. PRODUCT DATA SHEET ICON SAFETY DATA SHEET ICON