Pan American Food Grade Lubricants

Food Grade Short

Pan American Lubricants satisfy the requirement for food grade lubricants without the need to trade performance for compliance.  Our Full Synthetic and Highly Refined Mineral Oil Food Grade lubricants are NSF Registered and suitable for use where direct or indirect contact with food is possible.

Pan American Cleaners & Descalers

Descaling & Cleaning Short

Pan American Lubricants products include varnish removers and lubrication system cleaners, commercial and industrial strength cleaners, degreasers and carbon removers and an entire family of descalers, concrete and calcium removers for a wide range of uses.

Pan American Industrial Lubricants

Industrial Grade Short

Pan American Lubricants Industrial products (non-food grade) are formulated from either Mineral Oil or Full Synthetic base fluids.  The Mineral Oil based lubricants are highly refined base fluids and our synthetic lubricants are Full Synthetics.  Additives are selected specifically for the application in which they’ll be used.

Asbury Graphite Oven Chain Lubricants

More bakers choose Asbury Graphite Lubricants than any other brand.  For more than 100 years, bakeries and other industries have relied on Asbury, Dixon and SLIP Plate graphite oven chain lubricants to keep their equipment operating dependably, extend the life of their oven chain and components.

Pan American Support

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Pan American Lubricants adds value to our products through a variety of support services including Oil Sample Analysis, Field Test Kits, Equipment Tags, posting of Product Data and Safety Data Sheets online, and access to white papers, and other resources.



Quality, Service and Support

Pan American Lubricants are formulated from the highest quality base stocks with custom additive combinations engineered for optimum performance in their specified application; they aren't simply common base stocks with off-the-shelf additive "packages".  Some examples of the key attributes to consider while assessing a lubricant's performance include whether or how well they resist wear, rust, corrosion and oxidization, mitigate shock loads and the effects of extreme pressure, maintain their viscosity over a wide temperature range or when subjected to dilution, hold contaminants in suspension or emulsify them,  whether they create or resist deposit formation and in some cases, whether they can be used safely in food preparation or production environments.

Pan American Lubricants include a wide array of industrial lubricants as well as  NSF Registered Food Grade products for environments in which  incidental contact with food is possible.  So whether you have need of a gear lubricant for a wind turbine, chain lubricant for an oven or furnace, lubricants for a gas compressor at a landfill or in an oil field, food grade lubricants for dairy refrigeration compressors, bakery flour blowers, trolley or conveyor lubricants for meat & poultry plants, or  hydraulic oils for heavy industry or food production, we have the right product for the application.

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